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Ashley Amerson

Product Manager

Product manager at our company identifies the intersection of user and customer problems worth solving based on deep knowledge of users and customers, our data, and our business
Leads cross-functional teams through influence to discover and deliver solutions that drive key outcomes for our users and customers
Partners with engineering and UX to collaboratively transform validated problems and insights into valuable and deliverable solutions
Thinks critically about prioritization decisions and make informed, smart trade-offs to maximize value to the organization and achieve product team key results
Seek out user and customer feedback, monitor how the product is doing and iterate - defining success through outcomes, not output
Creates and communicates a strategy for your area of focus that is in line with user/customer needs and our overall product strategy
Build trusting relationships with stakeholders through collaboration, communication, and depicting a compelling picture of the future
Leverage prototyping and experimentation to rapidly learn and inform product investment decisions
Balances user and customer needs, technical considerations, and business viability to develop successful products
Accomplish team objectives in an agile fashion – continuously learning and improving within your team and our larger product organization.


Ashley Amerson
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