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Appmandi LLC is an IT consulting and digital transformation solutions provider for startups, and small and mid-size businesses.  

We're an IT and cloud-managed services company. We offer cloud-managed services like database migrations, premise to cloud or hybrid migrations, IT support, and services. In addition, we offer Microsoft connectivity and productivity solutions like Teams, Windows 365, Microsoft 365, infra-structure configurations for VMs, and app development in a hybrid IT shop. We provide services and solutions for all types of web deployments and hosting in the cloud and through the hosting providers.

Appmandi LLC takes pride in developing cost-effective and value-driven solutions. We cater to all cloud services deployments models such as IaaS, and PaaS, be it on-premise, in-cloud, and/or hybrid, end-to-end website development, IT support in software management, cloud managed services, website design and development, social media brand security, and a positive brand status management, remotely connected Offices™(RCO), document databases, and live Team™ rooms.

Our company’s main foci are to enable and facilitate processes, and workflow automation aligned with the goals and objectives catering to IT processes, that want to achieve the digital transformation goals. 


Appmandi LLC believes in working for the empowerment of women and women-owned and women-powered businesses by providing  IT  solutions and engaging and encouraging "GirlsInTechnology". We're adhering to this focus by employing as many women as possible for our operations. 


Currently, we operate from Chicago, Illinois. We are planning to establish and grow our business globally.

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