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Complete Digital Solution for Startups and SMBs


Startups are newbie companies found by entrepreneurs who want to develop goods and services with innovative ideas and develop a market, in which they see the potential market. They take out inadequacy in existing products and make it more effective and even they may make a whole new category of products and services. Apart from the above registrations, there are certain licenses required to be obtained for specific kinds of startups such as shops & establishments, food businesses, Import Export businesses, financial institutions etc. which are as follows:

Shop And Establishment License for startup Registration:
Every state has its Shop and Establishment Act which provides for the rules to be followed by every shop and establishment running its business in the state. The Act also provides for shop and establishment licenses or trade licenses. A business that comes under the definition of shop and establishment must obtain the Shop and Establishment Certificate without fail to avoid penalty and fine.

Import Export Code Registration:

All importers who wish to import or export goods/services from India need to have a valid IE Code. IE Code must be mentioned in all relevant customs documents. Bankers would require you to have valid IEC registration for making payments abroad. To obtain Import Export Code, it is mandatory to have a PAN and a Current Account in a bank.

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