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IT Support and Solutions

IT Support and Services

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‘IT Solutions’ can often be used as a catch-all phrase by businesses that use information technology to solve business problems. By this standard, and with our reliance on technology increasing more and more every year, the phrase ‘IT Solutions’ casts an extremely wide net when it comes to pinning down the tasks involved. For example, an ‘IT solution’ could mean anything, from fixing a phone system to the management of information and data (e.g. infrastructure and cloud solutions). By our standards, an ‘IT solution’ is a bundle of services—whether they are software-based, or physical—that solve the information technology-based problems our customers face. When we refer to an “IT solution”, or any solution for that matter, we’re talking about a bundle, or package of products and services which work together to both solve problems and also support our clients’ organisations. Outside of the IT industry, a solution may well mean simply, an answer to a problem (or something you put your contact lenses in!). But, it’s important to make the distinction between this and the solutions offered by information technology companies such as iomart.

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